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Whether you’re buying, selling or donating durable medical equipment, LittleWins is the app that brings families together to give kids with disabilities the tools they need to thrive.

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Hi! I’m Lexis Serot, the mother of four young children and the founder of LittleWins. One of my twin daughters has cerebral palsy. I have spent the last five years familiarizing myself with the many forms of care, therapies, and equipment that could help my child reach her fullest potential. During this time, I learned how difficult it can be to navigate a frustratingly complex system that regularly leaves me feeling isolated and alone.

I created LittleWins to build a community for support and sharing equipment among families, caregivers and therapists of people with disabilities. This website helps families acquire the tools and the equipment they need to help their children thrive. I look forward to hearing your stories and receiving your feedback as we build the LittleWins community together.

Lexis Noel Serot
Mom & Founder of LittleWins


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