Summer Time With The Kids
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☀️ Our 2022 Guide to Summer ☀️

😎 Easy Breezy Sunshiney Lemon Squeezy 😎

This year’s hand-curated summer must-haves, so you can go ahead now, go on out and play!

First up:

The Hopper Ball! Ok, I don’t care if you’re 5 or 55; this simple design is fun every time. Hopper Ball

The Plasma Car! Here’s why I love it: this little magical riding toy requires no batteries or charging situations. Only leg power to operate! Kids just hop on, put their feet up on the footrests, and rotate the steering wheel from side to side to go forward or flip the wheel 180 degrees to steer backward. The smoother the driving surface, the faster it goes Plasma Car here! 🏎

SPIKEY BALLS! Why I Love It: hide, hold, roll, and toss it! The spikes are firm enough for deep pressure and massage but soft enough to open up a world of tactile exploration. The easy-to-grip textured surface also makes this ball perfect for teaching kids to catch. You can under-inflate the ball, so it has more ‘give’ and is easier to catch. Use during free play in early childhood, physical education classes, and therapy sessions. Encourages reciprocal play and hand-eye coordination. Supports kids with a sensory processing disorder, low muscle tone, and visual processing disorder. But let’s face it, fun for the whole family. Made by Fun and Function Spikey balls here
A trampoline with the bounce + safety! I love it! Get yourself a trampoline here
In addition to ☀️ protection which is key, the proceeds from the sales of these hats go straight back to keeping LittleWins alive. I personally hand-selected the color, form, and fit so naturally it’s my summer go-to. That hat, though
Swinging, such a simple thing that is so beneficial in so many ways. Let’s go for a swing.
Textured platform swing
When your kid says nope to all the noise. In a plane, at a concert, literally anywhere. It can be noisy and we get it. Plus that new fit with the rainbow… Get your Shhh Here
Hi, I’m a fidget toy in more ways than one disguised as a backpack you take everywhere.
We’ll take 10 in case we each break the first one… The Backpack You Dreamt About
Color your own compression socks… boom! A craft and compression! 🤗 My kids and I designed these socks together. My shoe size is 9, and I wear the kid’s size 8-10. Because of the stretch, they fit great. And, whatever I like to color. Compression socks how they should have been always
My son needed this. Long story, we will unpack it another day. I’m only saying- this is awesome and I’m just going to leave it right here…squeezie seat here
Take a bath, a breath, and chill. Handcrafted by me and my girl at Hotsy Totsy Haus We put our heads together and said, my body hurts, let’s try to remedy that. The scents are of my design, my favorite smells. More masculine than feminine because no one wants to smell like freesia- why is that still happening. Anyhoo, if you like sandalwood, smoke, palo santo with a hint of citrus and rose… we made these for you. Especially, on a rainy day. Bath with Rain on the Tin Roof Vibe
These. In the car, in your purse, on their backpack, on your backpack. Small but mighty, epic and important. Just trust me, the dentist’s office will no longer be your monster… 🙂 Fidget Balls
I had to, it was too easy…

Bonus Round! These are for all categories…

The towel that feels like a warm hug…take it everywhere. You’re looking at the truth, I’m the only towel

Hold on, literally, to anything. Get your grip on here…Hold my hand, it’s Eazy 🙂

Happy summer, lovers!

To Be Continued…

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