Countdown to July 4th

Hi All!

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, I wanted to share 5 helpful strategies to enjoy a stress-free celebration!

Step 1: Preparing your child ahead of time

  • Create a social story as a slideshow with pictures and written language to show what types of activities and celebrations occur on this day. Or you can use flashcards with pictures.
  • Create a role play, so that the children can explore all emotions associated with this day.
  • Dress up in red, white, and blue to make your child excited!

Step 2: Experiment with Noise Filters!

  • Watch a Youtube video of fireworks (try with comfy headphones) prior to the day of celebration

Step 3: Organize a Tasting bucket…

  • Prepare a bucket of chewy toys if your child needs to keep their mouths occupied

Step 4: Bring a Break Bag!

  • Prepare a bag of sensory toys ahead of time to see which option will relieve your child’s stress level. Put any objects inside the bag that can keep your child’s hands occupied.

Step 5: Hide Away

  • Either have an exit plan if your child becomes overwhelmed easily, or pack a tent/Pack-N-Play to safely provide a feeling of control amongst the big crowds.

If you have dogs, here are some tips I found to be very helpful for my little furballs:

  • Try to keep them in quiet, safe spaces of your home.
  • Background noise like a sound machine or music that’s constantly on play can help diffuse loud bangs.
  • If you can get them a new chew toy so they have an outlet for their anxiety, that would be huge. If you can’t get a new one, hide one of their favorites for a couple days beforehand and a.

We wish you all a safe and happy holiday!

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