DIY Sensory Bottles

Hi all! I thought I would hop on here and share a fun at-home activity to do with your kiddos while staying cooped up at home during these cold months! My four kids love these fun sensory bottles that are easy to make yourself with materials you already have on hand or can grab at the store. From an I SPY style sensory bottle to take along with you, or a science based discovery bottle, you won’t be disappointed with the outcome of your creations!

Below, I have listed the supplies that we have been using at my house, and the necessary steps to take when making these awesome DIY sensory bottles.


Bottle- An empty one, anything from a plastic water bottle, to a plastic Voss bottle, to a dollar store shampoo bottle

Liquids- Water, oil, dish soap, food coloring

Solids- Beads, glitter, sequins

*you can use a funnel to help you pour & reduce mess*


1.) Bottle Prep- To have a full view of everything in the bottle, remove the labels and clean off anything inside

2.) Fill the bottle about half-way with room temperature water

3.) Add the Glue into the water, add glitter, cap the bottle, and shake well! (It may take a few minutes for the glue to thoroughly mix and it may appear clumpy for a bit, but it will then become smooth.

Enjoy your new sensory bottle!

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