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Getting to know Danny Jordan and his journey to The Capables!

​Last week I was so fortunate to sit down with Danny Jordan, father, and author of the new book series, The Capables for our LittleWins podcast. As we are both parents of children with disabilities, I knew we had a lot to discuss. When I first heard of Danny and the Capables story I was thrilled to know there would be another book out there that celebrates differences and puts the individual with disabilities in the role of the hero. I couldn’t wait to read it to my daughter, Ava! I jumped at the opportunity to join in on their Kickstarter campaign, knowing how important this story would be for my children and people all over the world.

Here’s a little background on Danny and his quest for the Capables book series. Much like me and my purpose, it all started with a promise to his daughter…

“Our journey with this series started over two years ago when my wife was pregnant with our first child. By all typical accounts, everything was progressing normally with her pregnancy. That all changed… our story, our world changed when she went in for an ultrasound at the 22-week mark. It was during a two-and-a-half-hour ultrasound that a specialist confirmed that our daughter would be born with an upper limb difference. The moment the doctor confirmed our daughter’s diagnosis is one that will stick with me forever. It was then that my daughter became real to me. Her story, not our story for her was beginning to be written. As a dad and as a creative, I found myself immediately compelled to do whatever I could do to contribute something positive, something of true importance to this world. Something that would make the world my daughter grows up in more loving, more accepting, more inclusive. The Capables is the fulfillment of a promise I made to my daughter over two years ago: to write, illustrate and print a book where the hero looks like her. It started with that simple promise and has grown into a deep commitment to the disabled community as a whole. My goal for this series is to contribute to positive progress through accurate representation and inclusion of disability.” -Danny Jordan

Danny and I bonded through our love for our kids, our passion for inclusion, acceptance, and our determination to make a positive change not only for our kids but for all. We laughed a lot, we cried a little, and for me personally, I’m always further invigorated by these conversations. We’re building a team of like-minded individuals whose mission is to spread love, peace, joy, awareness, and acceptance of all people with disabilities. We celebrate differences, we want to hear your stories, and we’re open to suggestions. It only takes a ripple to make a wave. All aboard!

Here’s a supercut of our chat.

Tune in for the full interview on our podcast on April 9th. The Capables book can be found on or on Amazon available starting today, March 30th! You’re going to love it! Congratulations Danny, well done my friend.



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