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Volume 1: Coming to you on Friday, March 19th

I believe in honesty and vulnerability. I’ve always felt, I’d rather look completely ridiculous and know I tried my ass off than play it safe to “skate by”. I consider everyone in the LittleWins community extremely important in my life and I’m deeply humbled to have the opportunity to bring us together, aid in obtaining the necessary tools needed on a daily basis, and fight for the rights of all individuals with disabilities.

The only thing is, I thought I could do all of that but never really have to put myself out there. I’ve always been a little socially uncomfortable and beyond nervous in front of a crowd. I miss the old days of pay phones, written letters, face-to-face conversations, and hugs. Oh, how I miss hugs. I felt a little lost in a world of social media, Twitter, instant messages, blogs, and podcasts. I thought who would want to know what I think about anything. And maybe it will turn out that not many people do, lol. 

Last year during a time of social distancing, after I would put my kids to bed, I spent more time researching our community and my purpose. I attended online classes, listened to podcast after podcast, and was reminded how impactful open conversation can be…especially when dealing with difficult and overlooked topics. All of this is to say, I have an announcement to make! 

LittleWins is launching a Podcast! In our ongoing effort to empower our community, smash stereotypes and improve lives we believe it’s high time we talk about some things that matter most to our community. We’re having some much-needed conversations with therapists, activists, founders, doctors, and people whose stories move us. We will dive deeper into the topics of inclusion, disability rights, parenting children with disabilities, innovation in MedTech, therapy, equipment, humanity, and more… 

Buckle up buttercups! We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, you’ll probably cringe from time to time but I will promise this, we will connect and we will always have a good time.

My goal is to bring valuable insights, inspirational stories, and unique perspectives that help everyone in our community (including me) navigate things we’re going through and benefit our lives. 

If you have any requests for topics, individuals you’d like to hear from, or would like to be added to our email list for early release episodes please reach out to 

Let’s get to know each other.

With love,


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