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The LittleWins Podcast S3 EP3: WTF (Wow That’s Fantastic)- The Fantastic David Neuman

Meet David Neuman the Orthopedic Surgeon, Clinical Director/Owner at, Founder of, and Executive Director at We talk about the importance of joint health and how corrective exercise therapy programs can improve the function and lower pain in your joints…

On this episode of the LittleWins Podcast, we talk to David Neuman orthopedic surgeon turned founder and CEO. David tells us about how he wants to guide people to a better existence with less pain, by informing people on the ways they can improve their joint health with very easy and quick exercises and stretches. He has strived to create a technology platform for people to feel good when they want and when the are struggling with pain physically.

“I’m trying to live with new purpose to make a difference to peoples lives outside the operating room” – David Neuman

David tells us about how his book on making the move to better joint health focuses in on all of your muscles and joints with stretches that take mere seconds and exercises you only need to repeat a few times a day. You can use these stretches between meetings, at your desk, and throughout the day to minimize aches and pains. You just need to work the right muscle or joint at the right time to bounce back.

We then touch on the significance of fascia, the tubular meshwork between our organs and muscles (the skin under our skin). Our fascia is also the bridge between our muscular skeletal system and neurological system. the fascia has ten times the amount of nerve endings than any other organ in our body and that is why there can be so much pain from these areas.

We talk about the importance of correcting pain as it can set off a chain reaction within our body. We shift our load onto other body parts when we can’t use our usual range of motion. All of this often shifts to our lower back therefore causes strain and chronic pain.

Finally we touch on the three most important things for our body. First is water intake, the general, but not definite, rule is you divide your weight by two and that is the amount of fluid ounces of water you should be intaking daily. Secondly that you need to get to know and learn your body. What makes your body different, and even the systematic processes your organs are constantly carrying out. The last point is to get enough rest, that doesn’t just mean sleep. get your seven hours and take time to let you body rest between workouts and strenuous activities.

This was such and important and interesting conversation to have and highlight!

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